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DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin
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Product performance
    PZX-D is a pale yellow thermoplastic resin which is polymer of low molecular weight made of dicyclopentadiene and others by special process, and generated by polyreaction at a certain temperature and pressure.
Product application characteristics 
    D100 with light color and high bromine value is used in high grade rubber with high good activity,good compatibility. D120 has good compatibility with ester and polyurethane solvents.In the ester solvent, it has good compatibility with epoxy resin and has good curing speed to epoxy resin. It can be used as modifier and reduce the convergent force of epoxy resin, improve the adhesion of coating as well as the shrinkage force to the cement and steel.Furthermore, it also can strengthen the wetting property to coating and improve the leveling property of paint film.D140 with high softening point and good compatibility, if it is added in printing ink, it will produce the effect of color developing, quick-drying, emboldening, and it also can improve the printing performance.

Application field recommended
D100:High-end rubber, Radial tire, Bias tire, Inner tubes and the other rubber compounding industries.
D120:Marine paints, Lacquers, Alkyd,Epoxy, Polyester paint, Adhesives, Electrical engineering and other  
      related industries.
D140:Printing ink, Gravure inks, Copperplate Printing ink and other high-end inks.

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