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Hydrocarbon Resin used in Adhesive
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Product performance
    PZX-J hydrocarbon resins have become the industry standard in the adhesive and sealant industry.PZX-J hydrocarbon resins are suitable for hot melt pressure adhesive,which have excellent compatibility with nature rubber, many kinds of synthetic rubber, styrene polymer(E.G.SIS,SEBS AND SBS) and EVA, as well as natural tackifier resins(as terpene,rosin and its derivatives).They improve various performance of pressure sensitive adhesives and hot melt adhesive at different levels.
    PZX-J could be used separately as the anchoring agent resin in pressure sensitive adhesives and hot melt adhesives and also can be used mixing with other anchoring resins so as to improve certain features in pressure sensitive adhesives and hot melt adhesives.

Hot melt adhesive made by hydrocarbon resin has the following characteristics:
Better fluidity and can improve the wetting of thematic material
Have better glutinosity and distinguished initial adhesion performance
Excellent anti-aging property
Transparent,low smell and low volatileness
Light color
Application field recommended:
Hot melt adhesive
Other application:
Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive, impregnant pressure-sensitive adhesive

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