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Hydrocarbon Resin used in Hot Melt Road Marking Paint
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Product performance
    PZX-L is a new resin developed specifically to meet the technical requirements for hot melt road marking paint,PZX-L is very suitable to be used in hot melt road marking paint.It can enhance the paint’s toughness,hardness and adhesive,and form a smooth surface,and by adding additive to make resin at the Four Seasons always in a stable condition, and have good compatibility with rosin resins. In the high-end mixed paint, it can make paint film form a water-resistant, UV resistant, chemical-resistant properties, and remarkably improves appearance and aridity.

Application field recommended: Hot Melt Road Marking Paint
Other use: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
The road marking paint made by PZX-L hydrocarbon resin has the following characteristics:
Light color
Good fluidity
High anti-fraction
Even distribution of filling material without sedimentation.
Good heat stability
Fast drying speed
Good weather resistance, adhesive force and stain resistance.
Detailed product description of the road marking paint made by PZX-L hydrocarbon resin:
Chemical composition:PZX-L hydrocarbon resin,EVA,PE wax,fillers materials and so on
1.Color :standard color is yellow and white.Optional color is red,blue,green and black
3.Compression strength:21.9MPa
4.Softening point:109℃
5.Wet film thickness:1800-2000μm
6.Dry film thickness:1800-2000μm
7.Glass beads content:5%
8.Dosage:theory of 0.25 square meters/kg
9.The surface drying time:3 min;Full dry:10 min
10.Times:suggest 1 time
11.Shelf life:two years,over the period,if it can be used continually, as appropriate.

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