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Coumarone Resin
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Product Name: Coumarone Resin
Other Names:Coumarone-indene resin;Benzofuranyl-indenyl resin
M.F: C8H6O
Product performance
    Coumarone resin is brown granular,massive or flake solid thermoplastic resin. It is a polymer of low molecular weight which mainly uses coal tar, C9 fraction and ethylene tar as raw materials, and is generated by polymerization reaction.It has good solubility,mutual solubility,water resistance,insulation,chemical stability of the PH,also has good adhesion properties, and low thermal conductivity.
Application field recommended: Tire and Rubber,Paint and ink.
    Tire and Rubber mainly use coumarone resin with low softening point which has good miscibility with natural rubber particles. It does not produce an effect on vulcanization process of rubber,but also plays roles of tackifying,reinforcement and softening.
    Paint and Ink mainly use coumarone resin with high softening point. It can enhance the gloss of paint and improve adhesion,hardness,acid and alkali resistance of paint film.


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